Eclipse Plugin Setup Instructions

STEP 1: Download Eclipse Plugin

STEP 2: Install Eclipse Plug-in

  • Requires Eclipse 3.2 (Europa) or later.
  • Copy the Eclipse Plug-in jar file into ECLIPSE_INSTALL/plugins/ where ECLIPSE_INSTALL is the location of your eclipse installation.
  • Alternatively, you can place the plug-in jar file into your user profile directory for Eclipse. Consult your Eclipse documentation for more information.
  • Restart Eclipse

STEP 3: Import CheckThread Annotations

  • Import the checkthread-annotations.jar file contained in the download into your Java project so you can add annotations to your Java code.

STEP 4: Enable CheckThread

  • Click on the CheckThread toggle button at the top of your Eclipse toolbar (see screenshot below).
  • CheckThread will run and display results in a console window and error stripe.
  • Unclick the toolbar button to clear errors and rerun again.

The following is an Eclipse screenshot showing CheckThread enabled with a sample error being reported.


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